Bloomfield Primary School & Nursery

Bloomfield Primary School, Bloomfield Road South, Bangor, BT19 7PN

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The Nursery

About Us

Bloomfield Nursery Unit was created in 1999 by converting 2 classrooms in the Primary School. The result is a bright, spacious room which we have equipped with a variety of resources to create a stimulating environment where each child has the opportunity to develop fully in every aspect of his/her development.  We offer continous provision which means some key resources are always available for the children to access. This allows the children to extend their learning in areas of interest to them.


The outdoor play area was extended in 2006, providing a large playground with facilities for a wide range of physical play.  New resources were purchased this year to further develop our outdoor area and provide continous provision outdoors too. We endevaour to spend time outdoors everyday wearing puddlesuits and wellies. 


Bloomfield Nursery Unit is a dual day nursery, this means we have two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each class has 26 children.