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Our Eco Council participates in Eco-Schools NI which is part of the world’s largest environmental education programme. It is a pupil-led initiative  with the aim to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of a school. Eco-Schools endeavours to extend learning beyond the classroom and develop responsible attitudes and commitment, both at home and in the wider community. Its participatory approach and combination of learning and action make it an ideal way for schools to embark on a meaningful path to improving the environments of schools and their local communities, and of influencing the lives of young people, school staff, families, local authorities, NGOs, and all other bodies involved in this vitally important area of work. 

Eco-Schools Handbook 2013-14

Each year the children vote in a new Eco-Council representative who will help Mrs Hetherington and the teachers make decisions and set targets to keep the Eco Agenda at the forefront of our minds. The Eco Council then talk to their classmates about personal responsibility and ways we can all make a difference for the environment. 


This year the focus will be on Energy and Transport (Active Travel), as we continue to encourage our children, staff and families to make good choices for both themselves and the wider environment. We have been a Green Flag school in the past and will be reapplying for this again soon. 

Other Eco School topics that we have worked on in the past (and are now a part of our every day life/learning in school) are:




Healthy Living

Outdoor Learning

Climate Change / Global Perspective

If you have any ideas or contacts that you think would help us in our Eco Journey, please contact Mrs Hetherington via the school office. Thank you!

Eco School - St George's International School Luxembourg


In the past few years the Eco-Council have worked hard along with Sustrans to encourage our families to chose a more eco friendly way to come to school. 

We now have bike racks and there are different events that take place during the year to encourage us to make good choices about 'Active Travel'!