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The Nurture Unit

Parent Information

We are delighted that our school now has a full time Nurture Unit to help support our famlies. 

At Bloomfield Primary, we understand that emotional well-being underpins learning.  Nurturing has been a key element in supporting our children and families throughout the school for many years. With the addition of a Nurture Unit we will be now be able to bring a targeted approach, and an early intervention strategy, to the children and families who will benefit the most. The Student Council decided to name the new building ‘The Lighthouse’ -  a name they associated with the words ‘safety’ and ‘guiding light’. The Lighthouse will offer a safe and welcoming environment to promote learning and positive behaviours, and play a key role by providing focused, small group support.

Children will come to the Nurture Group for a variety of reasons. Once they have been selected to join in, the structure of the day allows them to spend some of the day with their mainstream class, and some in The Lighthouse. A typical day will include taking time to talk about how the children are feeling, exploring ways to cope, practising strategies for dealing with their emotions and working on social and language skills. The children and staff will eat together around a dinner table, complete learning tasks and explore the world around them through play. At all stages, Mrs Keenan and Ms Spurling will be using these day to day experiences to help and guide the children through the social, emotional and behavioural demands of being in a classroom. In the afternoon there will be time set aside to work with groups of children from other classes in the school. This will be a valuable time and space for those who would benefit from some extra nurture and well-being support.