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The Nursery

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn at Nursery?

Each child will be provided with a safe, healthy and stimulating environment where, through the delivery of a carefully planned curriculum, they will have opportunities to learn through their play.


What will my child do in Nursery?

While children will be developing their social, linguistic, mathematical, and physical skills, they will engage in a wide variety of educational play activities. These fall into the following categories;

Imaginative [house, hospital café etc]

Creative [art, drama & music]

Physical [outdoor, climbing, balancing, steering, threading, scissors]

Construction [large/small blocks, Lego etc]

Tabletop toys [sorting, jigsaws, threading, etc]

Natural Materials [sand, water, dough, clay]

Quiet Room activities [books, stories, music etc]


What will my child have for snack each day?

We operate a policy for healthy eating in Nursery. Children do not bring their own food into school as we provide a healthy snack, paid for from Nursery Fund. Snack consists of a variety of healthy food such as milk, water, fruit, raw vegetables, pancakes, toast etc


What days will my child attend Nursery?

Children attend Nursery every school day unless they are ill. If your child is ill, they should be kept at home until they are ready to participate in all activities including outdoor play. A list of the school holidays will be available at the beginning of the school year


What are the Nursery Times?

The Morning class is open from 9.00-11.30

The Afternoon class is open from 12.30-3.00


How do I apply for Bloomfield Nursery?

In December each year, application forms are available for the following September intake. The school holds an Open night in December for interested parents to view our facilities. Applications must be made before the closing date in January. Nursery Places are allocated according to the Schools published admissions criteria and parents are informed about their child’s place in early May each year.


Which class will my child attend?

When you complete your Nursery Application form, you should indicate which session you would prefer. If your child is allocated a place at this Nursery, we will try to allocate them to the class of your preference although this can not be guaranteed.


What will my child need to wear?

To develop independence, and to enjoy all nursery activities, it is important to send them to school in clothes which are easily managed and washed. Therefore, while it is not compulsory, we encourage our children to wear a uniform consisting of a sweatshirt, polo shirt and jogging trousers


How much will Nursery cost?

We ask for a contribution of £4 per week to cover expenses such as snack food, prizes for the children, ingredients for baking, visitors to the nursery etc. This fund is collected termly


Does my child need to be toilet trained?

It is essential that all children are toilet trained before they begin Nursery. With a ratio of 3 staff to 26 children in our setting, all children need to be independent at the toilet ie they must be able to look after themselves when toileting. Occasional “accidents” will be dealt with sympathetically


How will I find out about my child’s progress?

Daily contact between staff and parents gives opportunities for informal sharing of information about children. Parent/teacher interviews take place twice per year at which your child’s progress will be discussed.


Do I receive a report at the end of the year?

At the end of the year, you will be able to view your child’s “Transition Profile” which will be passed on to their P 1 Teacher to inform them of each child’s strengths and weaknesses. You will also be given a scrapbook containing photographs and samples of your child’s work throughout the year so you will have a permanent record of their development.